Laser Cutting versus Plasma Cutting? Some things to consider

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August 29, 2017
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December 21, 2017
AccuBurn Laser Cutting and Plasma Cutting

AccuBurn Laser Cutting and Plasma CuttingLaser cutting and Plasma cutting are two of the more popular processes for cutting metals. Though this is the case, there are many factors used to determine which process is better with consideration of specifications and overall project needs.

Plasma uses a high-temperature electrically-conducive gas to cut through any material that is electrically conductive. Suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous material, Plasma can cut metal that is in a variety of conditions (rusted, painted, grated), and cuts greater thicknesses. At AccuBurn, our Plasma work table measures 25′ x 25′ with a high-capacity lifting equipment giving us the ability to create large-scale work pieces weighing up to 15 tons. To read more about our plasma cutting capabilities, visit our website here.

Laser cutting uses a high power laser beam to heat and then partially melt and vaporize the material. Suitable for all types of metal, for laser cutting effectiveness, the material does need to be free of rust (in good condition). Typically, laser is used for thin material. At AccuBurn, our laser cutting equipment provides 400-4500 W of output power to create clean, burr-free cuts in materials up to .625″ thick. Additionally, we are able to cut accurate and repeatable laser cutting of acrylic and PTFE components while holding a ± 0.007 tolerance. Read more about our laser cutting cababilities, visit our website here.

 AccuBurn, Inc. has been providing precision laser and plasma cutting to meet the tight requirements of leading manufacturers for more than decade. Our commitment is to always be on the leading edge of technology as it relates to our focus on providing quality, precision cut parts and products. Our team consists of engineers, skilled machinists and dedicated customer service representatives working together in a facility that is more than 50,000 square feet.

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