Laser Cutting, or Plasma? We can help you decide

Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting and Much More
March 27, 2017
AccuBurn Plasma Cutting Table
A Metal Parts Production Focus. From Intricate to Elaborate, all Sizes and Shapes.
June 15, 2017

Laser Cutting-AccuBurnEven when our customers contact us specifically to provide a quote for laser cutting, we won’t just provide efficient, accurate and competitive pricing for this service, we will also take a hard look at the specs and determine if there might be some savings by putting their parts needs on our plasma cutting table.

There is no doubt that with operating speeds of up to 800 imp, our 3-axis, CO2 lasers provide 400-4500 W of output power to create the cleanest, bur-free cuts in materials up to .625″ thick, but what we find is that not all of our customers need this precision, or the tolerance requirements that require laser cutting.

This is when our plasma table becomes the best option for time and money savings, and even higher volume output with lower material costs. All of this is possible when the parts we quote allow us to do what we do on one of the largest plasma cutting tables in the nation. This 400 Amp, three-torch plasma cutting system features multi-axis control with beveling, and allows us to make high-speed, high-quality cuts through materials up to 1.5″ thick while holding ± 0.059″ tolerances, all on a 25′ x 25′ work table.

So, it makes perfect sense that giving AccuBurn your next parts quote is in your best interest. After all, our focus is metal parts. That’s what we do, and we do it well for light- to large-equipment manufacturers, automotive manufacturing, sign makers, medical equipment manufacturers, and just about any industry that needs high-quality, outsourced metal parts fabrication.

If you don’t know AccuBurn, you should. Contact us now to experience the customer service, and quality parts delivery you deserve.