Shot Blasting and Straightening…AccuBurn Does that Too

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February 23, 2016
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May 17, 2016

accuburn_shot_blasting_cleanIn addition to our precision flame, laser, and plasma cutting services, AccuBurn also offers shot blasting and straightening for large-scale metal finishing. Shot blasting is a service that can clean, abrade, and finish steel parts and components. Once completed, your parts will be delivered to you with a clean “white metal” surface – free of oil, grease, mill scale, oxides, paint, and other foreign materials.

Our large-scale shot blast machine was custom built and can manage mild steel and cast parts with dimensions up to 72” in width by 12” in height. For smaller parts, we have a 32” by 24” by 24” tumble blast machine.

If you have a project that requires precision straightening, our shop features a 100-ton press that has a 12” throat opening, and can accommodate parts up to 48” in width by 144” in length. For larger pieces, we also have a 250-ton H-beam style press that can provide flexibility for customization of tables and other fixtures.

No matter what project you need to be completed, you can be sure that all of AccuBurn’s processes are completed by our highly-trained staff – all of whom have the skills and agility to use our equipment at its optimal capacity.

Still curious about the shot blasting process? Click the link to view our YouTube video and see it in action!

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