Why Outsourcing to AccuBurn Makes Sense…

Precision Metal Parts for a Variety of Customers
November 29, 2016
AccuBurn large plasma cutting new equipment
AccuBurn Adds One of the Largest Plasma Tables in the Nation
December 9, 2016

Some manufacturers consider taking their laser and plasma cutting in-house with the idea of saving money and keeping tighter control over the process and production. This could be due to a souring relationship with a vendor or just because they feel it gives them a competitive edge.

There is no doubt, some heavy equipment manufacturers have figured this out and are successful handling this in-house after years of perfecting the art of precision and efficiency.

On the other hand, outsourcing metal cutting (and forming) is an advantage for many, especially if there is a reliable, cost-effective and customer service-driven provider for these services. There are many pros to leaving laser and plasma cutting to the experienced professionals and here are just a few:

  • The initial cost for acquiring appropriate equipment
  • The risk of not knowing exactly what equipment is appropriate or necessary from a cost and performance standpoint
  • Once purchased, ensuring that the maintenance and service team is in place to avoid down-time
  • Evaluating then hiring, and maybe even training employees to run the machinery, and deliver precision parts on a tight schedule
  • And, of course, workshop space


These are just a few of the reasons that outsourcing may make the most sense for your part needs. AccuBurn, Inc. has been providing precision laser and plasma cutting to meet the tight requirements of leading manufacturers for more than a decade. Our team consists of engineers, skilled machinists and dedicated customer service representatives working together in a facility that is more than 50,000 square feet.

With this, we have maintained strong relationships by delivering efficient and accurate estimates for the highest quality parts. Contact us now to see how a relationship with AccuBurn means seamless production for precision quality.