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Introducing AccuBurn: Your Trusted Metalworking Partner!

AccuBurn provides superior flame, laser, and plasma cutting services to a wide range of sectors. We have served the specialized needs of premier manufacturers for over 25 years, offering them high-quality metalworking solutions. Let’s explore each market served by AccuBurn and the significant contributions our company has made in each industry.

Automotive Manufacturing

Do you require precise cuts for your vehicle’s components? There is no need to look any further! Our cutting-edge equipment enables accurate and clean cuts that satisfy the highest quality standards, from chassis components to engine parts. Our metalworking solutions for automobile manufacturing can help you drive innovation and excellence.


AccuBurn’s agriculture-specific cutting services will help you improve your farming operations. Our metalworking experience allows us to produce long-lasting and dependable components, such as harvester blades, plow parts, and seed drills. By providing precise cutting services, AccuBurn ensures that these components withstand the challenging conditions of agricultural work and deliver optimal performance.


Strength and dependability are critical when it comes to road truck equipment. AccuBurn is your go-to partner when it comes to cutting services for truck bodywork, chassis frames, suspensions and other critical components. Our precision cuts through thick metal components ensure that your equipment can withstand heavy weights and challenging situations. Drive with confidence on the road, thanks to AccuBurn’s metallurgical expertise.


Precision and durability are required while manufacturing tractors and trailers. AccuBurn’s cutting services are ideal for hitch couplings, axle beams, and brake system components. Our precise and economical cutting processes allow us to manufacture tractors and trailers components that excel in demanding agricultural and logistics tasks. Collaborate with AccuBurn to build long-lasting machinery.


Reliable equipment is critical in the mining business. Accuburn supports mining operations with cutting services for drill bits, conveyor systems, and heavy equipment frames. Our accurate cuts ensure optimal performance in harsh mining environments. We are sure that our metalworking experience will help you increase production and efficiency in your mining activities.


Precision saves lives in the medical industry. AccuBurn’s cutting services aid in the creation of surgical instruments, implants, and diagnostic equipment. Our precise cuts enable the production of high-quality medical components that fulfill the healthcare industry’s stringent criteria. AccuBurn can be relied on to deliver metalworking quality for crucial medical applications.


Precision is non-negotiable for vital military components. Cutting services provided by AccuBurn include armor plate, missile casings, and aircraft parts. We offer components that satisfy the highest quality, durability, and precision criteria thanks to our innovative cutting technology. AccuBurn’s proven metalworking solutions can help improve national security and defense capabilities.


For optimal outdoor maintenance, landscaping equipment requires sharp and durable cutting blades. AccuBurn’s cutting capabilities contribute to the production of landscaping equipment such as lawnmower blades and garden tools. We contribute to the delivery of dependable and high-performance equipment for landscaping professionals by consistently offering accurate and efficient cuts.

AccuBurn provides Flame, Laser, and Plasma Cutting Services!

With decades of expertise, we have established ourselves as a dependable partner, providing superior metalworking services to a wide range of sectors. From automotive manufacturing to defense, agriculture to medical, and beyond, AccuBurn’s expertise ensures precise cuts, superior quality, and customer satisfaction. Discover the AccuBurn advantage and maximize your manufacturing potential today!