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Innovative Metal Forming Solutions by AccuBurn

AccuBurn is a leading provider of cost-effective and innovative metal forming solutions for various industries, including transportation, heavy-duty equipment, and defense. With a strong commitment to quality and excellence, we leverage advanced technologies, a skilled team, and stringent process controls to meet even the most challenging specifications in metal forming projects.

CNC Forming Equipment

AccuBurn provides an impressive lineup of reliable CNC forming equipment designed for precise control and uniformity. Our BH-18540 Press Brake is a 185-ton, 4-meter CNC machine that excels at complex metal forming tasks with versatility and consistency. Due to its adaptability, it can handle various materials and achieve precise bends. The BH-13530 Press Brake is a 135-ton, 3-meter CNC machine that meets diverse project requirements. We also have the BB6020, a 60-ton, 2-meter CNC press brake for accurate and repeatable metal forming. Lastly, the BB306 is a 30-ton, 1-meter CNC press brake. With these four press brakes, including three brand new models, AccuBurn provides a comprehensive range of options to fulfill your metal forming needs, ensuring top-notch performance in every project.


At AccuBurn, we have the capacity to work with a range of materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in various ASTM grades. Our metal forming capabilities enable us to handle components up to 30 mm in thickness and up to 10 feet in length (depending on thickness). We maintain dimensional tolerances of ± 0.030″ and angular tolerances of ± 0.25° to ensure the highest level of precision in every bend.


To guarantee precise angles in every bend, our forming equipment is equipped with a 4-position, CNC back gauge featuring auto thickness detection. By employing technologically advanced equipment, we guarantee accuracy, consistency, reliable control, and duplicability, which collectively enable us to deliver superior results of the highest quality to our clients throughout the metal forming process.

Reliable Partner for Metal Forming Solutions

AccuBurn is a reliable partner for cost-effective and innovative metal forming solutions. With our state-of-the-art CNC forming equipment, including press brakes with various tonnages and lengths, we can handle complex metal forming projects with precision and efficiency. Our commitment to quality, combined with our expertise in metallurgy and comprehensive support, makes us the preferred choice for numerous industries. For unrivaled customer satisfaction and exceptional results in metal forming services, AccuBurn is the trusted choice. Contact us today; we are excited to speak with you.