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AccuBurn: Your Expert Flame Cutting Solution

Flame cutting is a crucial primary metal cutting process that allows for the efficient cutting of thick steel. At AccuBurn, we specialize in providing top-notch flame cutting services, utilizing state-of-the-art, CNC-controlled, oxy-fuel cutting equipment to efficiently cut thick metals. With one of the largest tables in the Midwest, we have the capability to handle large-scale cutting projects with precision and efficiency.

Cutting Capacity and Versatility

AccuBurn’s cutting equipment ranges from 8-torch machines to impressive 16-torch machines. This diverse range of equipment enables high-speed cutting of mild steel, ranging from 0.625″ to 7″ in thickness. With an oversized work area, we have the capacity to cut large-scale shapes with dimensions of up to 25 feet in length x 25 feet in width, and even handle weights of up to 15 tons.

The design of AccuBurn’s cutting tables allows for optimal plate loading, resulting in improved yield and reduced cutting times. By maximizing efficiency, AccuBurn effectively decreases production costs, making our flame cutting services an economical choice for customers.

Precision and Expertise

AccuBurn takes pride in its skilled workforce, which possesses a deep understanding of metals and the intricacies of the flame cutting process. This expertise allows us to hold tight tolerances, ensuring accurate and precise cuts. For thicknesses less than 5.0″, AccuBurn maintains tolerances of ± 0.059″, while for materials greater than 5.0″ thick, tolerances of ± 0.079’’ are achieved.

Flame Cutting Equipment and Capabilities

AccuBurn’s cutting capabilities are backed by state-of-the-art equipment. The PRS-500HD Oxy-Fuel, a CNC-controlled machine with 16 torches, is tailored to meet the demanding production needs of large manufacturers. With its six cutting tables, it delivers the speed and efficiency required for high-volume cutting projects. Similarly, the PRS-200 Oxy-Fuel machines, equipped with eight torches and CNC control, offer improved efficiencies suitable for various scales and production scopes. It boasts two cutting tables, enabling heightened productivity and versatility.

Enhanced Results: AccuBurn’s Finishing Solutions

AccuBurn takes pride in providing a wide range of finishing options to help our customers improve the quality of their products. Grinding, deburring, and shot blasting are some of our services which result in a smoother finished product. Grinding produces accurate measurements and smooth surfaces, whilst deburring removes sharp edges and guarantees safety. Shot blasting also effectively eliminates rust and scale, resulting in a white metal finish.

Unmatched Precision: Cutting-Edge Flame Cutting

AccuBurn, Inc. is a distinguished provider of flame cutting services in the Midwest. This commitment to delivering exceptional metal cutting solutions is evident through our substantial investment in state-of-the-art equipment. With expansive cutting tables, AccuBurn stands out as a reliable choice for customers seeking efficient and precise cutting services. Alongside our impressive capabilities, we offer supplementary services and maintain rigorous quality assurance measures, further ensuring customer satisfaction. Discover the best solution to your metal cutting needs by taking advantage of the unmatched brilliance of AccuBurn’s flame-cutting services today. We are excited to work with you.