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Precision Laser Cutting Services — Perfectly Cut Shapes Every Time!

Our area of expertise lies in expertly cutting a wide range of materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and more. With our exceptional laser cutting services, we take pride in efficiently addressing your cutting requirements, delivering unparalleled precision and meticulous attention to detail. If you’re looking for a premium service that can cater to your precise laser cutting needs while delivering both efficiency and accuracy, then look no further.

Experience Unmatched Efficiency and Precision

Equipped with powerful 3-axis lasers ranging from 4000 to 8000 KW, we can operate at impressive rates of up to 2,000 ipm. This exceptional capability allows us to cleanly cut materials up to 0.750’ thick, leaving no burrs behind. Our flying optic setup ensures secure material positioning and grants precise control over the cutting geometry across our expansive 10′ x 5′ worktable. With a narrow 0.008’ kerf and advanced nesting software, we efficiently produce intricate shapes with utmost accuracy.

Cutting Equipment and Capabilities

Our cutting equipment encompasses a comprehensive range of lasers, including two 3015 LVP lasers (4000 KW), one 3015 LVP laser (4500 KW), one 3015 EX-F60 laser, and the remarkable 3015 GX/F80 laser (8000 KW). With two cutting tables each and CNC control, our machinery ensures precise and efficient operations. The 3015 LVP lasers feature a single head that delivers up to 4000W power, enabling rapid travel and accurate cutting. For enhanced speed and precision, the 3015 LVP laser with 1-torch CO2/4500W offers higher wattage. The 3015 EX-F60 laser, equipped with a 1-torch Fiber/6000W, drastically reduces processing time for mid-thick, mild-steel plates by approximately 48%. Experience the power and versatility of our cutting equipment, including the exceptional 3015 GX/F80 laser with its impressive 8000 KW capacity.

Trust Our Experts for Your laser Cutting Needs

Send us your complicated projects, as we thrive on challenges. With our expert staff and advanced technology, we guarantee timely and accurate completion of your parts. Our commitment to excellence ensures that even the most complex components will be handled with precision and efficiency.

Get Your Project Started Today

Contact us right away if you need laser cutting services. Our knowledgeable crew is prepared to tackle your job and consistently give you perfectly cut shapes. To begin, get in touch with us today!