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AccuBurn Fabricators: Expertise in Cutting, Forming, and Welding for Perfection

AccuBurn, a well-known supplier of engineer-specified components for manufacturers, has broadened its range of services to include comprehensive fabrication solutions. Through our outstanding expertise in cutting, shaping, and joining, we consistently exceed customer expectations by catering to their precise requirements. Our unwavering dedication to excellence extends across all facets of fabrication, ensuring impeccable results.

Excellence through Cutting-Edge Services

AccuBurn’s commitment to excellence is reinforced by our cutting-edge equipment and comprehensive value-added services. Our fabrication process benefits from a range of exceptional equipment, including the V-60i Vertical Machining Center with superior speed and accuracy, the SA330WPC Horizontal Saw for precise cuts of various lengths, and the GSP-100-46 Gantry Press designed for dependable straightening. We also utilize the HFP-250 H Frame Press for optimal strength, the Dynasty 400 TIG Welding System for efficient TIG welding, and the Deltaweld 452 MIG Welding System known for its reliability and high-quality welds. Additionally, our Millermatic 350P MIG Welding System offers versatility and efficiency, while our Faro Quantum CMM enables accurate measurements using Cam2 Q Software. Finally, our Laser QC Scanner ensures precise measurements of two and three-dimensional parts with tolerances within 0.010″. With this state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver exceptional quality in every project.

Precision Perfection: Lightweld XR Unveiled

AccuBurn takes pride in our ongoing commitment to perfection, consistently exceeding customer expectations by integrating new technologies within our processes. The Lightweld XR, our most recent acquisition, flawlessly combines cutting, shaping, and welding procedures to offer flawless results for manufacturers. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that every component produced with the Lightweld XR is expertly crafted to meet the industry’s highest standards of quality and functionality. This leading-edge innovation represents a true revolution in the world of fabrication, offering unrivaled solutions that redefine industry standards.

Comprehensive Capabilities for Added Value

At AccuBurn, we possess the necessary equipment, skilled team, and cutting-edge technology to enhance your projects. As your trusted one-stop shop, we offer a wide range of services, including cutting, bending, machining, welding, and more. From reverse engineering to final assembly according to engineered specifications, we have invested extensively to ensure consistent quality in custom parts and components. Moreover, our efficient estimating process and professional service set us apart from the competition, guaranteeing an exceptional experience for our valued customers.

AccuBurn: Delivering Excellence in Fabrication

With our cutting-edge tools and value-added services, AccuBurn continues to uphold its reputation as a leading fabrication provider, dedicated to delivering excellence for every project. Discover the superiority of AccuBurn’s cutting-edge technology and value-added services for your fabrication requirements. To discuss your project needs and learn how our dedication to excellence can help your company, contact us right away.