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AccuBurn: Your Precision Plasma Cutting Experts

AccuBurn’s expertise lies in the production of plasma cut parts, where we excel in delivering exceptional dimensional accuracy, leading turnaround times in the industry, and competitive prices. We can produce substantial parts weighing up to 15 tons using a sizable 25 x 25-foot work table and powerful lifting apparatus.

Plasma Cutting Equipment and Capabilities

Our plasma cutting equipment and capabilities offer exceptional precision and efficiency. With our dependable 400 Amp, three-torch plasma cutting machine, we can quickly and accurately cut materials up to 1.5 inches thick, achieving close tolerances of 0.059 inches. In addition, we have the PRS-200 Oxy-Fuel/Plasma system, featuring an 8-torch/1-300A plasma torch, CNC controlled with 2 cutting tables, allowing us to produce excellent cut quality on thicker materials. Furthermore, our PRS-500HD Plasma system, equipped with a 3-torch/400A configuration and CNC control, operates on 3 cutting tables and enables us to align the highest level of cutting precision with multiple heads working simultaneously.

Enhanced Precision Efficiency

Our intelligent nesting software improves productivity by optimizing production speed and material utilization through features such as chain, bridge, and common line cutting. Additionally, we offer a shot-blasted finish that eliminates scales and imperfections, resulting in high-quality, scale-free parts. Choose us for our advanced production capabilities that enhance efficiency and deliver superior plasma cut parts.

Quality Materials

We can procure a sizable stock of steel in a variety of grades, thicknesses, and dimensions. We strive to keep the necessary materials on-hand to fulfill your project’s requirements. Accuburn prioritizes excellence for our clients, which is why we utilize premium materials to create your parts. Furthermore, our strategic purchasing power in high volumes enables us to leverage competitive pricing, which directly translates to cost savings for you in the final pricing.

Choose AccuBurn, Inc. for Your Plasma Cutting Needs

When it comes to your needs for plasma cutting, don’t accept less. Choose AccuBurn to receive the outstanding service, superior burnouts, and affordable prices that you deserve. To find out more about our plasma cutting services and how we can help you with your next project, contact us right away.